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Teen Read Week '17

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ERHS Library Summer 2017

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1.  Chromebooks
2.  The way back
3.  Living dead girl
4.  A child called It
5.  Thirteen reasons why
6.  It
7.  Party girl
8.  Go ask Alice
9.  The lost boy: a foster child's search for the love of a family
10.  That was then, this is now
Turtles all the way down 11/14/17
Once and for all 11/14/17
Exoplanets: worlds beyond our solar system 11/14/17
Twelve years a slave 11/14/17
Survival of the sickest: the surprising connections between disease and longevity 11/14/17
Family 11/14/17
Extraordinary 11/14/17
Fat Angie 11/14/17
Unthinkable 11/14/17
Only love can break your heart 11/14/17

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