Clubs & Organizations

"The Club" Teen Center

"The Club" is a new after school activity open to all ERHS students. Turn in applications to Annette Sevillano in the front office. Space is limited, so sign up early! Flyer | Application

Academic Decathlon

Faculty Adviser: David Retana
Twitter: @ERHSDecath

Description: An academically rigorous extra-curricular opportunity extended to juniors and seniors who have demonstrated exceptional scholarship in and outside of the classroom. Through teacher nominations, performance on Advanced Placement and CST exams, cumulative GPAs, and possible interviews, a minimum of nine (9) students are selected to compete yearly. In turn, they become "Renaissance Men" through the exploration and investigation of a rotating theme surrounding ten (10) pre-designated fields (art, science, history, math, economics, music, essay, speech, interview, language & literature).

Animal Advocates

Faculty Adviser: Marcella Lamar
Student President: Claudia Rodriguez
Twitter: @ERHS_Animals
Meetings: Tuesdays, lunch, A-204

Description: Our goals are to educate the school community about animal related issues and advocate for the animals in our community. We fundraise and have field trips which are both fun and educational.

How to join: Show up!

Annual Staff

Faculty Adviser: John Crone
Student Editors: Jazmen Cabrera, Stacey Flores, Amy Navarro, Pedro Salcido, Isabella Soto.
Web Page: Link
Twitter: @YearbookERHS
Meetings: daily, 5th period, B-101

Description: Yearbook Staff is made up of approximately 20 students who meet as a class for both 1st and 2nd semesters during 5th period. Students learn computer and journalism skills in the process of producing the school yearbook, Por El Año.

How to join: There are no age or other prerequisits to join; however space is limited and competition is high. A written application is made available around spring break for the upcoming school year. Announcements are made in the bulletin, as well as on the yearbook staff web page.

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

Faculty Adviser: Nancy Nasouf
Student President: Bethania Perez
Meetings: Every other Thursday, lunch, G-2

Description: The CSF promotes scholarship and service. Members who meet a demanding academic criteria may graduate with the gold cord. Members raise funds for scholarships and field trips. At the club meetings, they receive info on colleges, scholarships, and additional educational opportunities.

How to join: Pick up an application at the Career Center or at one of the meetings.


Faculty Adviser: Jacqueline Cisneros
Twitter: @ERHS_Choir
Meetings: Everyday (it's a class)

Description: The Choraleers is a competitive show choir that competes in many competitions all over Southern California. The group sings many different styles of music, and will study music theory.

How to join: Audition Required


Faculty Adviser: Jacqueline Cisneros
Twitter: @ERHS_Choir
Meetings: Everyday (it's a class)

Description: The Choralettes is an auditioned intermediate women's choir. We sing music from all cultures and time periods. We also sing in festivals and for our local community.

How to join: Join Concert Choir first and get some experience, or see Ms. Cisneros for an audition in C-2.

College Bound Athletes (CBA)

Faculty Adviser: Frank Llanes
Student President: Augustine Palomera
Meetings: 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, H-2

Description: The CBA is a club that promotes continuing your education, and, if possible, your athletic career in college. We discuss relevant topics such as nutrition, conditioning, recruitment and test-taking strategies. We also try to provide speakers at least once a month.

How to join: Any athlete can join by attending a meeting and becoming aware and informed.

Color Guard

Director: Reggie Cordero
Twitter: @ElRanchoBand
Student Captains: Jeannette Ponce, Salina Sells, Justine Orrante

Description: Color Guard is an award-winning group of students that function as the visual interpretation of the Marching Band. They regularly compete in parades, field tournaments and indoor shows. They can also be seen at Friday night football games and pep rallies.

How to join: Contact Mr. Cordero in C-4 for details regarding joining one of the performing groups.

Concert Choir

Faculty Adviser: Jacqueline Cisneros
Twitter: @ERHS_Choir
Meetings: Everyday (it's a class)

Description: In this course, students learn to read vocal music, develop vocal techniques, and study various styles and time periods. The group is a traditional choir with no choreography. Regular performances are planned during the year. Attendance is required at all performances. May be repeated for credit.

How to join: No prerequisites. Just sign up for the class with your counselor.

Cultural Awareness Club

Faculty Adviser: To be announced.
Student President: Manny Cruz
Twitter: @CAwarenessERHS
Meetings: Friday, Lunch, B104

Description: The purpose of this club is to celebrate diversity and exercise open-mindedness. We also go on excursions and trips to experience other cultures.

How to join:

Culinary Arts Club

Faculty Adviser: Chef Luna
Student President: Daniel Plancarte-Lopez
Alumni President: Isaiah Copado
Twitter: @chefdluna
Meetings: daily, Q-4

Description: The Culinary Arts Club is a life changing continuous learning opportunity with over 400 active members including alumni from the past 7 years. The club feeds the homeless every thanksgiving and throughout the year and also participates with Top Chef Invasion, City of Hope, Children's Hospitals, Anti-bullying projects, Private celebrity events, Culinary competitions and supports community outreach. The club also does nutrition training for athletes and demos on healthy eating habits.

How to join: See Chef Luna in Q-4

Dons 4 Christ

Adviser: Paul Brandt
Student President: Elections coming soon
Meetings: Tuesdays & Thursdays, lunchtime, B-104

Description: Dons 4 Christ's mission is to first grow as believers and followers of Jesus Christ. As the club grows, we try to impact the campus and impact the community for the greater good. If anyone wants to change this world, come to B-104 because of the environment, fellowship, and truth.

How to join: Anyone is welcome to join. Just come join us in B-104 during lunch Tuesdays and Thursdays.

EL Rancho Advocacy Project (E.R.A.P)

Faculty Advisers: Juventino Gutierrez, Judi Gollette
Student President: Soledad Mendez
Twitter: @ElRanchoAP
Meetings: Every second and last Wednesdays of the month

Description: The El Rancho Advocacy Project (ERAP) is an El Rancho High School Club whose goal is to heighten the awareness of students and faculty to the rights, needs, and responsibilities of students, family members, and faculty who happen to have diverse abilities.

How to join: ERAP is open to all ERHS students with a desire to advocate for equal access and opportunities for all.

Executive Commission

Faculty Adviser: Stephanie Senteno-Tapia
Twitter: @ERHStechcomm
ASB President: Andrea Huizar
Meetings: 4th period

Description: We are the official ASB Student Government of ERHS. Our 18 members are comprised of the ASB President, Vice-President, Chief Justice, Secretary and Treasurer; the three class presidents (10th-12th); the three class vice presidents (10th-12th) and the nine commissioners (Boys/Girls Athletics, Academic Affairs, Assembly, Pep, Publicity, Technology, Activities and Dance). During our meetings, we approve all ASB fundraising requests and disbursements. We plan events such as Homecoming Week, Winter Formal, Winterbelle, Prom, and many others.

How to join: Each May, school-wide elections are held to choose members for the upcoming school year.


Faculty Adviser: Charissa Zeko
Student President: Adriana Carchipulla
Meetings: first Wednesday of every month, B-105

Description: The Gadabouts Club travels to various countries to learn more about culture, history, and language. The June 2016 trip itinerary includes Ireland, The United Kingdom, and France. The June 2017 trip itinerary includes Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, and Spain.

How to join: See Ms. Zeko in B-105 or Mr. Zeko in X-1.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Faculty Adviser: Nadine Segal
Twitter: @ElRancho_GSA
Student President: Tatiana Sandoval
Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch, L-6

Description: The El Rancho Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) brings together gay youth and welcomes their staight allies (as well as teachers), to fight homophobia on the campus and in the community, advocating for equal treatment for youth of all sexual orientations. Our GSA will create a school environment free of homophobic, sexual, verbal, and physical harassment. We also hang out, eat , and have fun: we will co-ordinate outings, dances, movie nights, and other activities. In addition to talking about relevant issues, members can bring up personal issues they are facing by using one-on-one or group discussion. We hope to create a safe place to offer support, resources, and comradery. Our #1 rule is confidentiality: No-one is identified as gay or staight. We are all individuals in favor of a common cause, for whatever reason.

How to join: See Ms. Segal in L-6.

Key Club

Faculty Adviser: Jim Sorenson
Student President: Amy Rodriguez
Web Page: Link
Twitter: @ElRanchoKeyClub
Meetings: Mondays, lunch, H-3 (on holiday Mondays, meeting is on Wednesday)

Description: Key Club is a service organization whose members are dedicated to improving their communities. Key Club has participated in beach clean-ups, Relay for Life, Pico Rivera Christmas Baskets, Community Pride Day, AIDS Walk, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, and has sold over 1,500 yellow bands for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. ER's Key Club is sponsored by the La Mirada Kiwanis Club. Dues are $12.

How to join: Each member must pay dues of $11 per year. Each member must be a student of El Rancho. Members must attend meetings and participate in club activities.

Latino Club

Faculty Adviser: Melinda Aguilar and Karen Maldonado
Student President: Michelle Galvan
Twitter: @ERHSLatinoClub
Meetings: Wednesdays, lunch, B-204

Description: The members of the Latino Club believe that all Latino cultures deserve to be heard and represented. We meet to learn about Latinos’ influence on the past and present, celebrate Latino holidays, eat food from various Latino cultures, and discuss ways to create cultural awareness and unity on campus. Because we want to be contributing members to society and to our community, we take field trips to colleges and volunteer for community service. All students, not just Latinos, are welcome!

How to join: Attend a meeting at any point during the year.

Leos Club

Faculty Adviser: Kathy Metaxas
Student President: Abel Martinez
Twitter: @ERHSleos
Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch in room A101

Description: The objective of the Leo Club is to provide the students of El Rancho with an opportunity to better their community through volunteerism and community service. The Leo Club Motto is:
   Leadership - Develop skills as a project organizer, time manager, and team leader.
   Experience - Learn how teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration can bring exciting changes to your community and the world.
   Opportunity - Make friends and feel the rewards or community service.
This year the Leo Club will participate in the Bolsa Chica Beach Clean-Up, Trick or Treat for Hunger, Pico Rivera Christmas basket distribution, Rose Parade float decoration, Teresita Pines Youth Symposium, and many more worthwhile events and activities!

How to join: Come join us Tuesdays at lunch in A101.

Marching Band/Instrumental Music

Director: Reggie Cordero
Drum Major: Paul Espitia
Drum Line Captains: Andrew Solano, Michael Griego
Color Guard Captains: Paola Lopez, Lilia Gonzales, Alexandra Reyes
Web Page: Link
Twitter: @ElRanchoBand
Meetings: Rehearsals Class periods and Thursday Evenings

Description: The El Rancho Instrumental Music Program hosts a secetion of music ensembles: Marching Band, Drum Line, Color Guard, Jazz Ensemble, String Orchestra and Begining Instruments. The Marching band is comprised of El Rancho students who performa at many different venues such as Varsity football games and boys/girls basketball games Parades, field shows and concerts. The Bands also takes a trip outside of the state every year to compete.

How to join: Contact Mr. Cordero in C-4 for details regarding joining one of the performing groups.

Math Club: "El Rancho Advanced Math League" (ERAML)

Faculty Adviser: Steve Francis
Student President: Javier Torres and Nikesh Kumar
Meetings: Tuesday & Thursday at lunch, I-8

Description: Students with an interest in Math come together to discuss and solve problems not normally taught in the classroom. Math Club also participates in competitions.

How to join: See Mr. Francis in I-8 or come in Tues/Thurs at lunch.

Medical Careers Club

Faculty Advisor: Maria Tejeda
Student President(s): Sidney Sison / Jose Ramos
Twitter: @EMRERHS
Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month in Y-3 during lunch

Description: The medical careers club supports and helps students interested in the vast field of medicine determine the perfect pathway for them. Board members consist of the current Emergency Medical Responders, a truly student led club. Students that attend the meeting are encouraged to contribute ideas for fundraisers and guest speakers they wish to see.

How to join: See Ms. Tejeda in Y-3.

MESA / Robotics

Faculty Adviser: Albert Chu
Student President: Eduardo Bautista
Twitter: @ERHS_RoboMESA
Meetings: Wed/Fri, after school, M-1

Description: We teach robot design and programming. Our club encourages students to go to college. We go on field trips to local colleges. We practice for and enter Math and Science competitions against other local schools. We also help in tutoring and keep informed about college programs, events, and deadlines.

How to join: Open to anyone wanting to go to college and study math or science.


Faculty Adviser: Paul Zeko
Student Editors-in-Chief: Soledad Mendez, Vanessa Gomez.
Twitter: @elrodeonews
Meetings: daily, 6th period, X-1

Description: The Newspaper Staff is made up of approximately 30 students who meet as a class during 6th period. Students learn computer and journalism skills in the process of producing the school newspaper, El Rodeo.

How to join: There are no specific age or other prerequisits to join; however space is limited and competition is high. A written application is made available around spring break for the upcoming school year. Basically we are seeking those students who enjoy writing and would like to report on campus life and all things important to the Don student body.


Faculty Adviser: Elia Trujillo.
Twitter: @ERpepsters
Meetings: 6th period class, plus after school practices

Description: ER Pepsters are full of school spirit and Blue Pride. We keep the school spirit level high throughout the school year. We attend pep rallies and sporting events, and encourage the crowd to support ER's athletes and to have a good time.

How to join: Requirements: 2.0 GPA, with no F's and no U's. Process: The selection process consists of satisfying academic and citizenship requiremnts, attending a mandatory parent information meeting, participating in workshops, and trying out in front of a panel of judges.

Social Justice Club

Faculty Adviser: Parvin Qureshi
Student President: Sam Leggis
Twitter: @SocialJusticeER
Meetings: Wednesdays at Lunch in A208

Description: The Social Justice Club is dedicated to promoting peace, raising awareness of human rights, and creating unity among diverse peoples.

How to join: Anyone is welcome to join! Come by at lunch on Wednesdays in A208


Faculty Adviser: Stan Wlasick
Student President: Consuelo Rivera
Twitter: @ER_Adv_Drama
Meetings: Everyday before or after school

Description: Thespian Club is an active member of The International Thespian Society, whose main headquarters is in Ohio. The Society is comprised of worldwide high school actors/actresses who have been initiated at high schools after contributing 100-plus hours extra curricularly to a performing art program. We are troupe #2164, active since the 1970s.

How to join: Contribute 100 extra-curricular hours through involvement in play productions. You must then be invited by the current Thespian Council to go through an initiation process.