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1.  Chromebooks
2.  Rules of attraction
3.  Area 51
4.  Neymar
5.  Please don't ask me to love you
6.  Coral snakes
7.  Holocaust
8.  Jane Eyre
9.  Los Angeles Lakers
10.  Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
Someone I used to know 5/16/19
Strangers 5/16/19
The opposite of innocent 5/16/19
The perfect candidate 5/16/19
The baseball fanbook 5/16/19
Final draft 5/16/19
Rising out of hatred: the awakening of a former white nationalist 5/16/19
The greatest football teams of all time 5/16/19
Now a major motion picture 5/16/19
Leyendas de los Incas, Mayas, y Aztecas contadas para niƱos 5/16/19