Don Dollars Turn to Clippers Tickets!

January 28, 2019

Junior Neida Rodriguez almost didn't even bother. "Emily insisted I turn in my Don Dollars, so I did." Thanks to her own good behavior, some luck with the Blue Wheel, and Emily's persistence, Neida received four tickets to a LA Clippers professional basketball game. Monday night she and 3 friends (Emily...yes, that Emily, Lupe and Anahi) reaped one of the many benefits of acting right...Free Tickets! ERHS Dean, Mr. Lazo explained the source of the prize: "The tickets came from the clippers donation program which I have been working with. I explained to them our PBIS program and they loved what we are doing and wanted to help out with tickets. They have donated another 80 tickets for students for February and 20 for staff."