Whittier College

Whittier College Mentor Program

May 2, 2019

Last night seniors who participated in the Whittier College Mentor Program for the last two years were recognized at Whittier College. Students participated in workshops, activities, and were matched with to Whittier College mentors. The program provides students with guidance in the college selection and application process. So proud of these outstanding seniors!

Seniors who participated in the Whittier College Mentor Program are: Alma Flores Ortega, Jasmine Hernandez, Ashley Nunez, Ahahi Hernandez, Sarah Simon, Eben Fuentes, Daniel Cruz-Natareno, Kayla Cruz, Samantha Rosas, Bianca Arias, Emily Leal, Natalie Perez, Enrique Lopez, Johnny Sierra, Yulissa Chavez, Maggie Grisco, Alexis Banuelos Contreras, Dawne Cisneros-Vetter, Moises Ibarra, and Jessica Castellanos.

Students received their cords, and certificates. Other schools participating were from Whittier Union High School District.

Soroptimists Dream It, Be It

April 6, 2019

The following girls participated in a Soroptimists Dream It, Be It conference at Whittier College: Mariana Lerma, Dana Mendoza Aguilar, Yarly Sontay, Emily Espinoza, Ariadne Aquino, Somara Rodriguez, Amalia Juarez, Kayla Cruz, Senthaly Vazquez, Wendy Gamboa, Noemy Garcia, Adrianna Cuevas.

The conference provided activities and workshops on setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and moving forward to make your career dreams come true.

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Stories and Photos by Ms. Espinoza.