PLTW Field Trip to CSULA

February 20, 2019

Mrs. Dorado lead 45 students on a day-trip to CSULA. The students were freshmen and sophomores from the PLTW classes, Intro to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering.

Mrs. Dorado described the trip, "The MESA program at CSULA invited El Rancho HS for its National Engineering Day. This week is an engineering-themed week, and feb 21 was introduce-a-girl-to-engineering- day. We were one of four schools invited, which included about 110 people in total. During the day, students learned about aviation-related majors and used rubbing alcohol, duct tape, plastic bottles, and bike pumps to simulate atmospheric clouds. (A group of freshmen succeeded first.) Later, students used paper clips and wires to make little robots.

While on campus, we also toured CSULA's station that makes fuel for hydrogen-powered cars, a geotechnical engineering lab with an earthquake demonstration, and an aerospace lab. We also got to see college students demonstrate their school projects, including a submarine, various motors, and a skyscraper model. Our student guide had just finished a project on facial recognition. Some students also saw a presentation about computer science majors."

In March El Rancho's MESA program, with Physics teacher Mr. Walsh, will be competing with their projects, including gliders and bridges, and also doing math problems in an escape room.