Decathlon in Sacramento

March 23-25, 2017

ER's Decathletes competed in the California State Decathlon in Sacramento. Mr. Wlasick, Mr. Zeko and Mrs. Zeko chaperoned the trip to our state capitol.

Final team standings: 11th place (division 3).
Individual medals included Ivy Castillo, gold in speech; Olivia Ball, gold in economics (and team high score); Marcela Cisneros, silver in essay; Diego Guerrero, silver in music and bronze in science.

On another note, Decathlete Mia Alvarez, who earned 8 medals at the county competition last month, was awarded the Jeff Jones Memorial scholarship by the LACOE Decathlon Committee. Jones was an academic decathlon teacher from West High School in Torrance.

Photos by Mr. Zeko and the ERHS Decathlon team.