ASB Executive Commission

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ASB Cabinet:  
Julio Ornelas (12) as ASB President
Miranda Zorilla (12) as ASB Vice President
Matthew Sanchez (12) as Treasurer 
Rene Gallegos (11) as Secretary 

ASB Commissioners:  
Layla Prieto (12) as Pep Commissioner
Draven Mendoza (11) as Co. Pep Commissioner
Sarah Navarro (12) as Dance Commissioner
Maggie Grisco (11) as Technology Commissioner
Joseph Saucedo (11) as Boys Athletics Commissioner
Taylor Baunelos (12) as Girls Athletics Commissioner
Lara Roman-Lopez (12) as Publicity Commissioner
Ahtziri Sanchez (12) as Academic Affairs Commissioner
Jamie Baeza (11) as Activities Commissioner
Karissa Furlough (12) as Chief Justice

Class Presidents:  
Serena Perez (12) as Senior Class Prez
Hugo Vera (12) as Senior Class VP
Deanna Roldan (11) as Junior Class Prez
Emily Lopez (11) as Junior Class VP
Alexis Gallegos (10) as Sophomore Class Prez
Monica Aguirre (10) as Sophomore Class VP
Class of 2018!!

Senior Class President is Serena Perez 
Senior Class Vice President is Hugo Vera

Night Pep Rally Theme: 
Star Wars Seniors 
with colors Black & Gold
Class of 2019!

Junior Class President: Deanna Roldan
Junior Class Vice President: Emily Lopez

Night Pep Rally Theme:
Jackpot Juniors (Casino)
with colors Green & Red
Class of 2020!

Sophomore Class President: Alexis Gallegos
Sophomore Class Vice President: Anika Herrea

Night Pep Rally Theme:
Playtime Sophomores (Dolls)
with colors Gray & Burgundy
Class of 2021!

Night Pep Rally Theme:
Freshmen Story
with colors Blue Yellow